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Our Hosted Offerings

TLC provides the hosting infrastructure for Centile’s ‘Istra Cloud’ UK Platform as a Service  

In the fast moving UCaaS market, Centile offers a Platform as a Service (PaaS) addressing the demand from customers who are looking to outsource the Infrastructure and system updates relating to the platform for a fuller service solution.   

The main characteristics of the PaaS include; 


Your own brand identity and multi reseller branding support (dependant on the level selected)

Ability to work with your own billing engine working from dedicated CDR feeds

Your preferred networks access providers

Your preferred SIP trunks carrier connections for inbound and outbound traffic - you are not limited to a single carrier in fact we encourage multiple supply options

Native MVNO SIM support - for truly integrated mobile dialer working


A fully operational and proven ecosystem with multiple MVNOs and carriers

Dedicated and secure, distributed compute for your Centile system - pre deployed in units of 1,000, 3,000 or 10,000 user increments (dependant on the level selected)

Full mobile SIM control via the Centile's FMC enabled platform with full MVNO support accessing the EE GSM network

Personalised, managed upgrades performed by Centile & TLCs ecosystem

Geographical site redundancy in ISO27001 data centres

Monitoring & anti-fraud protection

“The real benefits of the cloud are slightly different than we originally predicted; they are less about pure cost efficiency, and more about speeding up time to market (aka agility). Every CIO and IT decision maker should be thinking about how they can use cloud and hosting to accelerate time to market, which means turning IT from a cost centre into a revenue centre.”
Toby Owen, Peer 1 Hosting