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PaaS FAQs 

What flexibility is there around the PaaS?

We have two core hosted Cenitle offerings with several security and management components available to both:

  1. ‘Dedicated platform’ enables the support of multiple brands and handles more complex requirments – often where the carrier or service provider has several existing brands under management.
  2. ‘Shared platform’ access is orientated to organisations with a Direct sales approach or where only one brand is required on the system.
Is there a scale limitation around the PaaS?

The Evolutive platform is based on a distributed model and is proven to support hundreds of thousands of users – regardless of the number of brands configured. 

Can you tell us about your data centres?

We don't cut corners on data centres.  We use Telehouse and Equinix facilities who are renowned for being carrier neutral, enabling fast, efficient and secure interconnections to more than 3,000 business partners such as carriers, mobile & content providers.

Our customer platforms and data are stored in ISO270001 certified facilities.

Our Data centres comply with FCA distance guidelines for Disaster Recovery purposes.

How do we connect your carriers to your system?

We link up your wholesale trunks and customers via our private MPLS network.  Today we have connections to over 10 SIP exchanges via 6 carriers via our private QoS enabled network. Typically our interconnects use diverse network access to two exchanges.  

What can you tell us about the technology that hosts the system?

TLC’s servers are hosted on a locked down private cloud

The PaaS is hosted on uncontended RAM designed for low latency applications

Systems works off localised, distributed hosts to provide enhanced fault tolerance

All elements in the design have been deployed with resilience in mind to deliver 99.999% availability

How do you protect your PaaS customer from cyber-attacks?

TLC provides dedicated SBC capacity to partitions allocated to its customers and offers both Access and Interconnect protections with locked down access configured by the Service Providers or their partners.   

What can you tell us about your network?

To cross connect between Equinix and Telehouse data centres, TLC runs a private data network with low latency priorities VoIP running between sites that link up VLANS between our SBCs.  These offer both access to V / MPLS services as well as SIP interconnects.

Who de we prevent fraud?

We do not disclose this online however under NDA will gladly explain how we approach this on your behalf.